The site is facilitated

"Run a Campaign Office for the 2016 Elections!"

The site is facilitated, kept up, and advanced by the Peace Corps, and offers openings for work for volunteers coming back from postings abroad. Its rules unequivocally deny political occupation postings, yet that guideline does not seem to have been implemented with much energy.

"Run a Campaign Office for the 2016 Elections!" charges the feature of one occupation posting on the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) Career Link site.

That posting promotes a peddle chief position with Work for Progress, a battle seller that has dealt with customers' interests to choose Democratic applicants at the state and government levels. 여우알바

"Peddle executives will help us choose hopefuls who will battle to turn around a dangerous atmospheric devation, get enormous cash out of governmental issues and help youngsters manage the increasing expense of school and understudy obligation," the employment posting says.

The gathering anticipates taking a shot at races "in basic states like New Hampshire, Virginia, Florida, or Colorado. We are searching for solicit executives to deal with these operations."

Work for Progress representatives have confronted affirmations of voter enrollment misrepresentation in past races. While attempting to reelect then-representative Mark Udall (D., Colo.) in 2014, the gathering's peddling chief was discovered on camera clearly supporting the recording of false voter enlistment frames.

The year prior to, two Work for Progress pollsters in Colorado were accused of voter enrollment extortion, however the charges were in the end dropped.

"For the 2016 decision, Work For Progress will collaborate with Fair Share Action and Environment America Voter Action to choose competitors who need to have any kind of effect on issues like an unnatural weather change and getting huge cash out of legislative issues," the posting includes.